Why Sea Patrón?

The military. Family. Friends. Friends that are like family.

I’ve been a part of the US military my entire life...as a dependent, as an enlisted serviceman, as a Veteran, and as a defense contractor.  I was born in Ft. Sam Houston, TX.  My father was in the Army for 26 years.  As a kid, we moved a lot from base to base...new schools, new friends, new surroundings...about every two or three years.  My father was deployed very often.  The deployments became more frequent and more lengthy when he joined the Special Forces.  My father missed many birthdays, holidays, and even my high school graduation.  I learned to fish with family and friends while my father was deployed.  I see kids today whose parents are gone on long deployments and I know just how they feel. I understood what my father’s job was and I understood the sacrifice we as a family had to endure.    

After high school and a half-hearted attempt at college, I knew I belonged in the military myself.  I enlisted in the Navy at age 19 and set off to see the world and do my part.  I put my wife and young family through the same long times away.  After six years, I was Honorably discharged and I began a life as a defense contractor.  This gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my family.  I’ve seen a fair amount of the world and I’ve worked and lived side-by-side with military families all along.  The friends I made along the way often became as close as family.  We had fun, fought, worked hard, laughed, wept, and struggled just like any family.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to change a few of my priorities.  I wanted to focus on living more for my family and myself.  We moved back to Tampa, FL in 2014.  Since then, fishing has become a huge passion of mine.  Through a group called Salt Strong, I’ve met a bunch of great people and some have become close friends.  Fishing and being on the water lets me enjoy the freedoms that I’ve spent my whole life working to help defend.  

Now, for the “Why”.  I want Sea Patrón to provide opportunities for families and friends to be able to enjoy moments that they may talk about forever. Sometimes, those moments are brief and very far in between.  Fishing or time spent on a boat provides a captive way to focus on each other.  Time, family, and friends are precious.  I want Sea Patrón to help make the time to create lasting memories between family and friends.

Our Mission

Sea Patrón's mission is to provide the best service to its clients in locating and catching regional fish and to provide a casual fishing experience.  The fishing is serious, but just as important is building a great experience for families and friends.   

Sea Patrón has a special mission to also focus on providing a service to those who serve and have served our nation and communities. Active duty, veterans, and reservists of the US Armed Services as well as first responders will receive a 10% discount.  

Sea Patrón will always look for opportunities to stay engaged with the local community.  

Sea Patrón will provide a safe and comfortable outdoor experience.